Tina Cun and Friedmans

Meritus Scholar Tina Cun Shows Appreciation for Dedicated Donors

2009 Meritus Scholar Tina Cun shared a warm photo with our online community recently: a photo of herself with her donors, Lois and Bruce Friedman. Tina will graduate from UC Berkeley this spring with a degree in Cosmetic Toxicology. The Friedmans have served as Mentors and Donors since 1997, and... Read More »

Tuai Tunai

A Hopeful Journey

Tuai Tunai Lincoln High School, 2007 Dominican University, 2011 - Nursing My name is Faatuaitua Tunai, and I come from a very religious and cultural family. My father is a truck driver and my mother had been living in Samoa for the past 10 years of my life. Growing up in the low-income housing... Read More »

Jenny Wu

My Path to Graduation

Jenny Wu Lowell High School, 2007 UC Davis, 2011 - Biomedical Engineering As the eldest in a family of first-generation Americans, I took care of not only my sisters but also my parents. English is our second language, and I was the first one to learn it. My parents looked to me for... Read More »

Mei Zhen

Possibilities Made Possible

Mei Zhen Burton High School, 2007 CSU Long Beach, 2011 - Social Work At the age of five, I immigrated to the United States with my parents and older sister. With the many new adjustments in a different country, I had to learn how to be independent including trying to achieve in school where... Read More »

Melissa David

The End and the Beginning

Melissa David School of the Arts, 2008 CSU Fullerton, 2012 - Communications/Advertising I am your average twenty-two year old girl, just graduated from college. However, my journey could be an HBO series. My stepfather was a famous musician and my mother was his manager. They fought all the... Read More »


Meritus Alum Rose Gao Accepts Nursing Position at Agesong

"I do not want my parents' sacrifices to be in vain. I have worked hard, concentrating on my studies... their hard work has paid-off in my education. Even though difficulties might detain me, I maintain my smiling face and walk with my head held high. I must look towards the bright future and stay... Read More »

Barry Au

Big Dreams

Barry Au Wallenberg High School, 2008 CSU Long Beach, 2012 - Physics major: The journey to college was almost unbearable. From the late night struggles to the dreadful, long mornings. We grew up in a poorly lit, mold growing, and cockroach infested studio with six children and two adults.... Read More »

Chen, Lina

Good News

Lina Chen Lincoln High School, 2009 Ventura Community College, 2013 – Nursing student: I was born and raised in a small village in China where my family and ancestors were farmers. My parents only had a middle school education, but my father acknowledged that he had to do something about his... Read More »