Why College? It’s Not Just The Money

At Meritus, we work hard to ensure that all of our Scholars have the resources they need to graduate from college and go on to successful careers. And while it’s well known that college graduates make more money than their less-educated peers, the benefits of a college degree go well beyond economic impact.

In It’s Not Just the Money: The Benefits of College Education to Individuals and Society, a 2015 report published by the Lumina Foundation, economist Philip Trostel compiles evidence from several recent studies to show the far-reaching positive effects of college completion.

In comparison to high school graduates who never attended college, college graduates earn more, experience more job safety, live longer, and are more likely to wear a seat belt, among other findings. And the impact goes beyond the personal: college graduates cost the government less, volunteer more, and contribute more to society through both taxes and charitable donations.

Take a look at the full report here.