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UCSF Medical Center Welcomes 5 New Meritus Interns

Meritus and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center continue their partnership by welcoming five Meritus Scholars to participate in UCSF’s highly competitive internship program. After working this year with their Career Mentors on career development activities, four of the Scholars earned nursing placements. Over the course of the summer, they will participate in rotations and be able to experience the work that nurses do in a hospital setting every day. UCSF has also invited back 2008 Scholar Onjira Dharmasukrit, who participated in the UCSF-Meritus internship program two years ago. Onjira will be applying what she learned in her previous internship to conduct nursing research this summer. Congratulations to all five Scholars on this exciting opportunity that will prepare them for future careers in healthcare!


Dai, Anna

Hui Min Dai, 2009 Scholar, San Francisco State University

“Through engaging in mentorship with healthcare professionals during the UCSF nursing internship, I anticipate to learn how to develop a professional identity for myself and to develop strong leadership skills. Lastly, I look forward to learning about the various existing healthcare delivery systems and the functioning of the interdisciplinary health team.”

Xi Wen Deng

Xi Wen “Lucy” Deng, 2013 Scholar, San Francisco State University

“Observing my grandmother getting older day after day has influenced me to help her and other patients. My grandmother’s short-term memory means she forgets if she ate or not as well as if she took her medication. I know that patients will also feel painful and have negative thoughts; it is not just their family and friends. I believe that as a good nurse, I have the ability to not only reduce their pain, but also encourage the patients to feel positively and to be able to fully listen, understand and fulfill their needs as they received quality care.”


Onjira Dharmasukrit, 2008 Scholar, Graduate of San Francisco State University

“This internship offers a unique opportunity to understand more about the process of evidence based research. Integrating nursing evidence and research findings lets us see what works. In making changes, evidence is used to provide concrete information.  It is important for me to participate in order to formulate evidence based practice through research and share research findings with colleagues and friends. Evidence based practice is the foundation for nursing, as it keeps the patients safe, improves care, and is important in the patient’s path to wellness. Therefore I am seeking this internship to further my nursing judgment, critical thinking, and broadening my horizons so that I can make an impact in nursing.”

Pajares, Meritess 

Maritess Pajares, 2008 Scholar, Graduate of San Francisco State University

“The steps of healing are a dynamic process that does not come in one specific formula, but through genuinely assessing the strategies and health plan that works for each patient as an individual rather than a diagnosis. A unique opportunity that has motivated me to expand my knowledge in providing care to patients was the time I worked as a home health aide provider for a thirteen-year-old, deaf, mentally disabled boy. My experience helping this client has given me the chance to see the different perspectives of healthcare. In his home, I was responsible for feeding him through a gastrostomy tube, changing his diaper, in addition to helping him ambulate. These responsibilities have allowed me to understand just how much care a patient may need even outside a hospital setting. With all of my experiences, I feel that my critical thinking skills and my compassion for others will greatly contribute towards improving patient care, which is my greatest goal as a nursing intern.”

Chelsea Stewart

Chelsea Stewart, 2013 Scholar, University of California, Santa Cruz

“I am confident that the UCSF Nursing Internship Program will jump-start real time hospital interactions for me in addition to a first class, hands on experience. Though I am looking into being a pediatric physician, I am open to the various opportunities there are for me to be involved with the department. I am eager to make connections with not only nurses, but other staff that make up a medical team to gain a sense of what would best suit my interests. Building these relationships will provide me with first hand insight that I can seek mentorship from. In return, I will be sure to bring forth my best efforts to provide as much as I can for this internship. Lastly, I am eager to learn of the major issues that are present in hospitals that are preventing efficient health care. As an aspiring pediatrician, it is essential for me to learn of the problem areas within hospitals so that I can be cognizant of them going into the field.”


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