2014 Meritus Interns at UCSF

UCSF Medical Center Supports Meritus’ Aspiring Nurses

This summer, UCSF Medical Center is continuing its partnership with Meritus to offer paid internships to three Scholars pursuing nursing degrees. Scholars Leanne Li, Diana Alegre, and Han O have been selected from a competitive pool of Meritus applicants to intern at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. UCSF Institute for Nursing Excellence Manager Adam Cooper has designed a robust learning experience that exposes these aspiring nurses to a research-based, patient-centered approach to healthcare. The 4-week intensive program includes rotating through different hospital units, analyzing nursing research, and reflective writing about their experience. At the end of the summer, the three young women will showcase their learning at Meritus’ internship poster presentation.


A past Meritus intern at UCSF shared the profound impact the UCSF opportunity has made in her career:

“I had a life-changing experience while interning for the UCSF Medical Center Pediatric Department. After spending time in the different units, I understand the hard work and dedication that it takes to work in the hospital and I know this is exactly what I want to do as a career.”

A UCSF clinical nurse describes their experience with Meritus:

“We greatly enjoyed working with the Meritus students.  They showed enthusiasm and passion for learning the healthcare environment and understanding the role of nursing.”

Image top right: 2014 Meritus interns at UCSF Medical Center