Melissa David

The End and the Beginning

Melissa David
School of the Arts, 2008
CSU Fullerton, 2012 – Communications/Advertising

I am your average twenty-two year old girl, just graduated from college. However, my journey could be an HBO series. My stepfather was a famous musician and my mother was his manager. They fought all the time. My daddy sent all our money on fast cars and drugs, pot became heroin, and his cars became treasures in the junk yard. My mother left him, and we went from a nice house to a one-room cabin in the woods. I had the best time of my life in that cabin. I learned to be my own best friend. One day the phone rang. My mother collapsed crying, my father had died from a drug-induced heart attack.

My mother was the most remarkable woman I ever knew. She prepared me to be the independent woman I am today. Every year we gave away 10% of our earnings , even if we didn’t have much. Sadly, she died two years ago of cancer. When she passed, she told me she loved me and slowly sang herself to sleep. I miss her dearly.

I worked two jobs to get through high school and knew college was going to be even harder. The help of organizations like Meritus College Fund and the people in the Meritus community allowed me to get where I am today. Now that my mother is gone, I have relied on them even more. Without their support, I would not have been able to follow my dreams. I recently studied in New York and got a play published there. My past never holds me back but propels me forward to be the best person I can possibly be.

Donors: Julie & Will Parish, Steve & Brenda Bottum
Mentor: Rosemary Patton