Spotlight on Career Mentors

Brenda and Casey 

Casey Anderson became a Career Mentor in spring 2015. She faced many obstacles in going to college but remembers those who helped her through the hurdles. As a Career Mentor she sees herself continuing the cycle of support she received to Meritus Scholars. Casey earned her degree from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a New Sector Fellow at Samaschool.

2013 Meritus Scholar, Brenda de la Cruz. attends UC Santa Cruz. She plans to major in Film and Digital Media and calls Casey her Career Mentor. Casey has encouraged Brenda to keep her options open in her career planning and to apply to many diverse opportunities of interest, not just those related to her major. Together they have been preparing for interviews and crafting a strong resume.

Over the course of their mentor relationship, Casey has seen Brenda flourish as a Scholar. She saw her secure an internship at the Bay Area Video Coalition, a step Casey felt gave, “Brenda more self-confidence and allowed her to begin thinking seriously about creating a documentary on the changing face of The Mission.” Casey believes, “Everyone needs a sideline supporter.” She is that support to Brenda, someone whom she describes as bright, artistic, and highly motivated.

Interested in supporting a Meritus Scholar one-on-one? Apply to be a Career Mentor!

Career Mentoring with Meritus offers you an opportunity to use your career experience and expertise to support a Meritus Scholar and to help prepare them for a summer internship or post-graduate employment. The program seeks to build job application skills, career awareness, and begin a professional network for our Scholars through consistent, meaningful communication and a curriculum of monthly activities. Mentoring comprises two sessions, one running from July 2015-May 2016, and another shorter session from January 2016-May 2016.

To apply, please complete this form and we will reach out to you to schedule a brief phone interview.

Please be in touch with Nicholas Koch for any questions.