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Seeking organizations for summer 2015 internship hosts!

Meritus believes that internships are an invaluable complement to college academics. Every summer, Meritus collaborates with local organizations to arrange paid summer internships for its Scholars in fields as diverse as scientific research, policy, healthcare, finance, and technology.

Studies have shown that internships are the most valued qualification of people entering the workforce, yet many students from low-income backgrounds do not have the networks to help them secure such valuable experience. Interning allows students to develop their soft skills, expands their understanding of the field, and motivates them to persist to graduation.

Participation in this program is also beneficial to the host company. It offers a new mechanism for recruiting diverse candidates, develops the managerial skills of the internship supervisor, provides a pool of pre-screened internship candidates, and raises the company’s visibility in the community.

For more information on the employer commitment, please click here.

Or contact Denise Miller, Manager of Career Development at denise@meritusfund.org or 415.400.8642