Scholar Voices: Mubeenah’s Major Advice

Hello, my name is Mubeenah and I am a Meritus scholar. I am currently a fifth-year student at San Francisco State University. Meritus has not only provided me with financial resources to get through college but has also provided many other useful resources such as mentors, internships, and guidance. Being in my fifth year of college has taught me a lot. I have faced many hardships during my time at college, and I have learned perseverance and persistence. I have learned that one steps backwards only means you have to work that much harder to achieve your dream. Two years ago I would have never thought I would have various internship experiences before I graduate. I have learned that to attain success, one has to push their boundaries and redefine “attainable.”

I will be writing blog posts for Meritus every month to provide my experiences with college and how I have grown as a person. From these blog posts, I want to connect to students, parents, and Meritus donors. Hopefully, this blog will serve as a tool for people to understand the challenges and successes of higher education.

Every student in college has to pick a major, and narrow down to a field of study they want to pursue. Choosing to study something that an individual is passionate about is important, because then studying stops becoming work and starts becoming knowledge. Guidance is something that is crucial for college students and Meritus never fails to provide that.

I never thought that I would end up changing my major. Going into college, I believed that I wanted to study biology to one day become a doctor. To balance out my class load, I would take classes in other subjects such as sociology and public health. After taking two public health classes, I knew I wanted to change my major but I was not sure. Public health was a field I knew little about.

So I reached out to Meritus.

Not only did a Meritus staff member check in with me on the phone to see how I was doing, but they connected me to someone who worked in the public health field. Public health is so interesting to me because it focuses not only on why people are getting sick but how and what can be done to prevent such diseases. Changing my major has been the best decision for me.

College is a time when guidance is essential. In college, it is also okay to research different majors because there are various subjects that may seem interesting that you never knew about. I’m on a path to a career in public health which was impacted by me switching my major because I realized that health has so many dimensions to it and public health allows me to explore that.

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  1. Jeremy Vasquez

    I work with your sister, Tabassum Shaikh at Burton High School. I met you when she picked you up from San Francisco State. I am a blogger too and I think you’re writing is amazing. From one writer to another, keep sharing your gift with the world.