Recruitment Starts for 2018 Cohort of Scholars!

While it is Meritus’ Scholars who achieve the 88% graduation rate, part of what enables them to be so successful is the organization’s thoughtful approach to recruitment and selection. In addition to supporting current Scholars, Meritus’ program team makes frequent appearances at local high schools to spread the word about Meritus’ program and to answer student’s questions about our application process.

This month Director of Programs Ellen Murray and her team participated in two local informational events that brought a wide array of more than 70 potential 2018 applicants: the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fair at Mission High School and the Scholarship Kick-off Night at College Connect. Events like these provide essential opportunities for Meritus staff to connect with the schools, administrators, and guidance counselors who help to provide the organization with its pipeline of potential Scholars.

For more information on the recruitment process, check out the brand new Application FAQ section on the website as well as our new recruitment flyer, published in both English and Spanish! Also, please help spread the word that Meritus College Fund is now recruiting its 2018 Scholar cohort! Do you know any Bay Area high school seniors who have demonstrated grit and determination? If so, send them our way! Click here for more information on how to apply.

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