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Paving the Way: Tamicia’s Story

Tamicia Wakefield is a leader on her college campus. As a sophomore at Mills College, this 2014 Meritus Scholar has excelled in the classroom, bonded to a “family” of peers, and found purpose in her role as an RA for first-year students. She’s living a life that felt out of reach just a few short years ago.

Tamicia is the first person in her family – and the only person she knows from her childhood in San Francisco’s Bayview and Tenderloin neighborhoods – to go to college. While her mother always believed in her daughter, college was not a consideration. As a child, Tamicia thought that attending a vocational school was her only real option. But thanks to her mother’s belief in her potential, thanks to a high school guidance counselor who encouraged her to apply to Meritus, and thanks to her own determination, Tamicia was able to realize her college dreams.

Meritus made the difference with a meaningful scholarship…and much more. Far beyond the value of essential financial support, Tamicia has taken advantage of every opportunity that Meritus has presented: interning at the office of San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell, building leadership skills as a mentor to other Meritus Scholars, and staying on track with one-on-one advising.

For Tamicia, earning a college degree is not an individual pursuit. Her goal of becoming a teacher stems from a desire to impact young people and make positive change in the world. Already, Tamicia has been sharing knowledge with her ten-year-old brother, a frequent visitor to the Mills campus. When asked what she hopes for her brother’s future, Tamicia’s got one answer: education.