April 7th is National Institutions Coming Out Day! This movement, started last year by the United We Dream Network, celebrates institutions working toward education equity for undocumented youth. Meritus supports undocumented students and provides each of our Scholars with scholarship funding, individualized college success advising, and career development resources regardless of immigration status.

This NICOD, we’ve pulled together some resources for undocumented students seeking higher education, their allies, and anyone who wants to learn more:

The Undocumented Experience: Journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas famously “came out” as undocumented via an essay in the New York Times Magazine. In his TED talk “Actions are Illegal, Never People,” Vargas offers his humorous and humanizing take on the questions he is frequently asked about his immigration status.

Understanding the DREAM Act: The National Immigration Law Center de-mystifies the DREAM Act with its list of “Five Things You Should Know.” Fun fact: the DREAM Act is supported by 70% of all likely voters.

UndocuCollege Guide & Equity Tool: Our friends at Educators for Fair Consideration have published a comprehensive guide for California students, teachers, and higher education administrators. The document is free for download; it outlines major challenges facing undocumented students, provides illustrative models for successful support programs, and suggests clear steps institutions can take to fully support undocumented students.

Facts for Undocumented Students: The College Board knows that undocumented high school students have a lot of questions about how to make college work for them. They provide important answers (You can go to college! You are not alone!) and an additional list of useful resources.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students: MALDF (the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) has compiled a list of scholarships available to undocumented students, broken down by the month each application is do. Take a look and plan ahead!

Want to make your own pledge to support undocumented students in higher education? Check out the United We Dream Network’s website to learn more.

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