Kevin Dinh

Scholar Voices: Kevin’s Search for a Meaningful Internship

Kevin Dinh is a Meritus Scholar and soon-to-be graduate of UC Davis. Through the Meritus internship program, Kevin spent last summer working at EducationSuperHighway, a San Francisco-based nonprofit focused on upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom in America. This is... Read More »

Meritus Genentech Event

Meritus Scholars use Spring Break to explore career opportunities

Spring Break traditionally means rest and relaxation for college students, and our Scholars are no exception. This week, however, Meritus Scholars took some time out of hard-earned breaks to build their professional knowledge through a series of immersive workshops hosted by several of our... Read More »


College Success Advisor

Meritus is hiring a College Success Advisor to offer direct support to a caseload of Scholars while advancing larger programmatic initiatives. We're looking for candidates with advising or counseling experience and a firm belief that every student, regardless of background, deserves to receive a... Read More »

Candice Choi headshot

Meritus Alumna Performs at Winter Piano Recital

Given the drive and ambition of Meritus Scholars, it's no surprise that our graduates go on to be successful in a wide variety of professional fields. Candice Choi is no exception! Candice, an award-winning pianist and music educator (and 2005 Meritus Scholar!), recently treated members of our... Read More »

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