Investing in our Future

Meritus helps low-income San Francisco youth with grit and ambition complete a college degree and prepare for post-college success through a combination of scholarships, coaching, and career mentorship.

Meritus Students Combine Grit and Ambition

  • 80% from families with incomes below $40,000
  • 85% are the first in their families to go to college and come from circumstances marked by poverty, recent immigration, language barriers, societal tensions, gangs, drugs, violence, and family distress
  • Achieve high school GPAs ranging from 3.0-3.7
  • 83% attend colleges in California

Meritus Scholar Profiles


Our Graduation Rates

Meritus is proud of the graduation rates of our scholars. 88% of our Scholars graduate from four-year colleges,
compared with 23% of low-income students nationally.

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To, Through, and After College: Meritus at the NCAN Conference

A central belief of the Meritus Career Development Program is that the experience of being the first in their families to attend college, while challenging, provides our Scholars with a unique set of assets as they enter the workforce. This week Executive Director Diana Wolf and Director of... Read More »

College Scorecard Reading List

On September 12th President Obama unveiled the new College Scorecard, a database that provides a host of information such as graduation rate, percentage of first-generation students, and typical debt load for more than 3,500 colleges and universities. This was exciting news for Meritus, as we will... Read More »

Fall 2015 Newsletter: Diana’s Message

Twenty years ago Meritus began as a conversation around the kitchen table and launched by supporting one Scholar with a $10,000 scholarship. Meritus' first Scholar has long since graduated from the University of Santa Clara, started a family, and is a manager at Google. Inherent in the Meritus... Read More »